ZERO CONTACT Tangent Modular Belt and Curve


ZERO CONTACT Tangent Modular Belt and Curve :

  • Angle 90°
  • Angle 180°

ZEROCONTACT by MOVEX does not change the orientation of your product after a 90° curve.

The new modular radius belt Zero Contact TM is available in different widths with a closed-top surface capable of handling a variety of package sizes, types and configurations including delicate products exiting a shrink wrapper.

  • Minimum width available: 200 mm
  • Maximum width available: 1000 mm (increments of 200 mm)
  • Rm (Radius) at first sprocket: 650 mm to 1450 mm (increments of 100 mm)
  • Row to row angle: 1,33°
  • Open Area: 0%

Zero Contact Curve conveyor with plastic Belt:

Design :

Improved construction and straight section eliminated before and after curve.

Radius and pitch:

Constant inner radius and reduced pitch.

Easy implementation:

Easy implementation in existing layouts respectively easy replacements of existing conveyor.

Space :

Less floor space required.


Closed-Top design and Improved safety.

Product care:

Improved product handling, holding original orientation.

Low Noise:

Low noise return with rubber coated return roller.


Up to 70 meters per minute.

Money saving:

With reduced maintenance cost.

Ideal for transporting :

  • Bags
  • Containers
  • Wrapped items
  • Bundles
  • Cartons