We are the master distributor of latest range of ZENtex® pulling nylon-steel strap, which combines incomparable flexibility, dimensional stability with minimal elongation, exceptional wear resistance and endurance with enormous strength which permits the lifting of very heavy loads. For its high end sophisticated technological qualities, its reliability & extended life span, ZENtex® pulling nylon-steel strap is used in spinning frames, twisters, fly frames and their respective heads all over the world. Quality, accuracy, reliability and indefatigable research for new solutions have always been and still are main principles and characteristics of ZENtex®

ZENtex has been working for over 5 decades in the field of accessories for textile machines. More specifically, in the last thirty years it has devoted itself to the transmission systems of spinning frames and twisters, studying and gradually improving spindle tapes in order to pass on the benefits of latest developments. The company’s research has focused first of all on the adoption of materials which suit the higher speed of spindles and incorporating modern manufacturing processes in order to increase the life span of tapes, lower energy consumption, and simplifying fitment which consequently make maintenance easy and reduce it to a minimum.

Lifting Tape type Thickness peak loading Breaking Load Minimum Pulley Dia Width (min/max)
TA mm. 1 kg 70 kg 200 mm. 30 mm. 5/ 60
TB mm. 1,2 kg 150 kg 450 mm. 40 mm. 8/ 60
TB INOX mm. 1,2 kg 130 kg 400 mm. 40 mm. 8/ 60
TC mm. 2 kg 350 kg 1100 mm. 85 mm. 5/ 50




  • Excellent flexibility
  • Ladder proof
  • Perfect adhesion
  • Oil and grease proof
  • Antistatic quality
  • Minimum power consumption


Spindle driving tapes Thickness mm. Weight mm./mt Coefficent of friction f Pull for 1% elongation (N/cm) Maximun width mm. Welding Temperature (°C) Welding Time minutes Applications
NORMAL 0.75 0.6 0.32 9.5 350 150 2 Machines for wet spinning of hemp and flat conveyor belts up to 100 mm wide for light weights
COIBENT 0.80 0.65 red side 0.33 white side 0.26 10 350 150 2 Wool spinning and twisting machines
B28 0.60 0.55 white side 0.26 black side 0.46 9.5 350 130 2 Very high speed cotton and synthetic yarn spinning machines. Use up to 20 mm wide is advisable
BN/R 0.90 0.82 white side 0.26 black side 0.50 14 350 150 2 Cotton and synthetic yarns spinning machines with heavy spindles and two-for-one twisters
HST/R 1.10 1 red side 0.29 green side 0.54 22 350 130 3 Spinning machines with very heavy spindles and very high counterweight load
ZETA 1 0.65 0.60 red side 0.6 white side 0.24 50 350 170 2,5 Very high speed cotton