Wrapped V-Belt

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SWR brings to India popular international brand backed by more than 65 years of expertise in rubber belt manufacturing.

SWR adopt highly precise manufacturing process and matured material selection to ensure meeting close tolerence & meeting all valid international standard viz. BS,DIN,ISO,RMA/MPTA/,JASO applicable worldwide for V-Belts.

Range of Wrapped V-belts.

1- Classical V-Belts DIN 2215

K,Z,A,B,C,D,E – from 381 mm to 15240 mm Li.

2- Wedge Belts DIN 7753/1

SPZ,SPA,SPB,SPC from 562 mm to 15000 mm Ld.

3- High capacity Narrow V-Belts. RMA/MPTA

3V,5V,8V from 381 mm to 14224 mm LA.