SWR EUROPE Make PU Timing Belt


SWR Europe make polyurethane timing belts are cast in special molds and are made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane and high-strength steel cords (or aramid cords) with high pitch accuracy along the entire length of the belt. They are particularly well suited for smooth running and high speeds. By combining high-quality materials and modern production method, the resulting timing belts exhibit supreme mechanical, chemical and physical properties.

PU Timing Belts for printing machines with top side Linatex Coating and Bottom PAZ fabric sizes are available in T-5, T-10, AT-10, HTD-8M

PU Timing Belts for squaring & sizing machine with top side Linatex and extra PU coating are available in AT-20 section.

PU Timing Belts & Flat Drive Belts for Textile Carding Machine

Note: We also offer efficient working tools for PU belts and special timing belts