PVC/PU/PE/SILICONE Coated Conveyor belts


RANGES       PVC       PU       PE               SILICONE


Available Top Cover Profiles:

Many of the profies are available in our standard product range. Profiles can also be applied on request to flat surface belts, provided the base belt meets the requirements for the particular profile. There are numerous reasons for profiling a belt: e.g.: increasing the inclination capacity of belts running under dirty circumstances, decreasing friction for accumulation, lowering of product adhesion for sticky products, marking the bottom side of chocolate products, dehydrating in the fish industry, etc.

bn big nipple   incline/decline of bags in dusty or dirty situations, lagging    material on  drums in agricultural industry
bw basketweave   incline/decline of bags and boxes
cr crossrib   guide strips, lagging material on drums, incline/decline of  bags in dry  situations
cr15 cross rib 15mm   incline/decline of long and round products
d diagonal
fbo fishbone(open)   transport of wet products, where a path is required for water runoff
fbc fishbone(closeed)   incline/decline of lightweight bulk materials
r12 spuire 12mm   incline/decline of lightweight and small bulk goods
lg lowgrip   incline/decline of wet piece goods, packed frozen food
lr longitudnal rib   incline/decline of packaged goods, transport under dusty or  wet  circumstances
m mat finish   for accumulation on the belt
mg mini grip   incline/decline of bags and boxes
mm M&M   on profiling and cooling belt for chocolate products
mr multirib   machines for optical sorting and packing
n nipple   lagging material on drums, industrial laundries
r inverted diomand 3mm   on bottomside of a belt for roller and sliderbed support,  transport of  dough
sg supergrip   incline/decline of bags and boxes in dry and clean situations
sb sandblast   lagging material on drums
gr spuire 62mm   check-in belt on airports
r20 sputre 20mm   wood processing, sanding belts
st sawtooth   fish industry, incline/decline of tea leaves
tr triangle   fish filleting machines, meat flattening machines
w fabric impression   treadmills, in the packing industry