Industrial PU Belts


i) PU Round Belts

SWR Europe range of Polyurethane Round Belts is widely used for light to medium duty power transmission and conveying applications. We have a complete range of polyurethane round belts for conveying and power transmission applications. PU round belts, available in open lengths, are extruded and homogeneous round profiles that can be welded for use as high-quality power transmission and conveying elements. We provide Round Belts in rough finish from 3mm to 20mm dia.

ii) PU V-belts

SWR Europe range of thermoweldable PU range extends to open ended polyurethane V-Belts in Z, A, B, C sections with plain, supergrip and ridge tops. PU V-belts run individually or alongside one another and convey products on slightly ascending or descending conveying systems without allowing the products being transported, like boxes, tiles, glass slabs, cardboard articles etc., to slip. In addition, PU V-belts are used for driving live roller conveyors.