Dorner Conveyors & ACCESSORIES


Dedicated to high quality, innovative designs and comprehensive conveyor platforms, FlexMove series from Dorner® deliver products equipped to accommodate virtually any material handling application and provide efficient solutions for a wide range of manufacturing industries. To further help your business transport a broad range of products, FlexMove Conveyors offer a variety of options with unique features, such as flexible chain with cleats, rollers, friction pads, steel top, anti-static and also fabric belts.

FlexMove Series Conveyors are best for:

  • Part Handling
  • Transfers
  • Tight Spaces
  • Assembly Automation
  • Packaging
  • Machine Conveyance
  • Elevation Changes
  • Accumulation
  • Buffering
  • Complex Configurations
  • Long Lengths
  • Curves, Jogs, Incline, Decline

Benefits of FlexMove Series

  • T-slot aluminum frames allow for easy-to-install add-ons and custom design changes
  • Straightforward and compact design maximizes space while minimizing noise, maintenance, and space
  • Designed to accommodate vertical and horizontal conveying
  • Variety of chain tops with features to suit different application needs
  • Can reach speeds of up to 50mt/min
  • Withstand maximum product loads from 150kg to 300kg

View the complete FlexMove product line here:

FK 44 mm Aluminum Conveyor

FS 63 mm Aluminum Conveyor

FM 83 mm Aluminum Conveyor

FC 103 mm Aluminum Conveyor

FL 150 mm Aluminum Conveyor

FL 150V mm Aluminum Conveyor

FU 180 mm Aluminum Conveyor

FV 260 mm Aluminum Conveyor

FW 300 mm Aluminum Conveyor

FX Conveyor Series

SS 63 mm Stainless Steel Conveyor

SM 83 mm Stainless Steel Conveyor

SMZ 85 mm Stainless Steel Conveyor

SC 103 mm Stainless Steel Conveyor