Capped and Rolled Edges


Exposed conveyor belt edges are a concern in many food processing applications as the fabric may fray or absorb liquid, which could lead to bacterial contamination or belt delamination.

AGEBELT has capability of fabricating most single and double cover PU and PVC belts with either a capped or rolled edge finish. Both of these options greatly reduce the possibility of bacterial contamination and belt delamination.

Main components

Capped Edge

  • Uniform thickness – capped edge same thickness as the belt
  • Capped edge material not always the same type as the belt
  • Can peel off if the belt off-tracks
  • Slower fabrication process
  • Pricier

Rolled Edge

  • Same edge material as the belt
  • No edge to peel off if the belt tracks
  • Uneven thickness – rolled edge slightly thicker than the belt
  • Quicker fabrication process
  • Less Costly