AGE Clean


PRODUCT TYPES: AGEclean is an advanced monolithic conveyor belt, made from TPU- thermoplastic polyurethane material- in dark blue color; these are currently available in two types’ viz. FERK-3 and FERK-3- T50 for different applications with Aramid reinforcement for length stability with cut and abrasion resistant properties with 95 Shore A hardness. Key specs & characteristics are as under.

AGEclean™ Belts (Types) FERK-3 (Flat friction drive) FERK-3-T50 (Toothed belt positive drive)
Material TPU TPU
Anti-microbial YES YES
Anti-hydrolysis YES YES
Base belt thickness 3 mm 3 mm
Height of teeth n/a 4.5mm
Tensile Strength 13 N/mm 13 N/mm
Minimum Pulley Dia 90mm 100mm
Aramid Cord Spacing 10mm 10mm
Temperature Range -40°C to +90°C -40°C to +90°C



AGEclean is an innovative and versatile replacement of plastic modular chain in food process conveying; designed to improve hygiene and substantially reduce cleaning cost. It is made from a non-fraying, polyurethane jacket material with sealed edges that prevent ingress of microbes. Being a homogeneous belt it lowers the surface area that needs to be cleaned by as much as 40%. This greatly reduces cleaning and sanitization bills by reducing labour & chemical usage.


AGEclean’s easy-to-clean smooth surface reduces the risk of microbial contamination and its High Strength- Low Stretch (HSLS) Aramid cord tension members minimize belt stretch while improving belt stability in operation. Reduced re-tensioning need also extend the belt life.


AGEclean’s oil resistant; food grade belts are compatible with wash down environments and suitable for meat, poultry and dairy processing equipment. It can handle the standard to high loads and is particularly well-suited for cleated belts.



  • Increases efficiency & production whilst lowering water consumption, cleaning time and overall reduction in bacteria counts by controlling in-process bacterial growth.
  • Reduces cleaning labor up to 50%, water usage up to 55%
  • Fabricators can easily slit roll stock without damaging tensile member
  • Drop-in replacement for most 1″ and 2″ plastic modular belt
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for scrubbers and return way supports
  • Longer belt life due to minimal belt stretch

AGEclean Accessories: The AGEclean product lines are supported by tailor made sprockets, wear strips, cleats, guides and sidewalls

AGEclean Jointing Options: Jointing AGEclean belt is quick & easy; as per the application needs it can be made endless using Finger-joint, Butt-joint and also mechanical fasteners.

AGEclean serves wide spectrum of industries including:

  • Meat, Poultry and Fish
  • Bakery and Food processing plants
  • Dairy
  • Fruit and Vegetable
  • Bottling and Canning plants
  • Packaging, Wood, Paper, and Plastic plants
  • Glass, Brick and Tile plants
  • Steel mills, Processing, Slitting and Stamping plants